When adding/updating ‘Finding Details’ or ‘Comments’ for any given vulnerability within a checklist in STIG Viewer, you must leave the control, by clicking or tabbing out, in order for the information to save (the event handler raises when focus is lost from the control). While this is functioning as expected, we realize this is not necessarily intuitive to the user, and we will correct it in the next update (version 2.3) of the tool.

Additionally the hot-key for saving the checklist (Ctrl+S) is not currently present, but will be added in the next update as well. Please use the menu selection to save until the next release.

A STIG Viewer User’s Guide has been posted to http://iase.disa.mil/stigs/Pages/stig-viewing-guidance.aspx.

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Bruce Brown

The author Bruce Brown

I have done a lot of work with Risk Management Framework for DoD IT (formerly DIACAP,DITSCAP). I noticed there was not a lot of information for security engineers on the nuts and bolts of it, so i started writing it down.

security is just a hobby. my real job is to help humanity out of poverty (information & financial poverty).

I am sure we can do it together

maybe rmf will help humanity. ;p
the internet maybe our greatest hope, we should keep it safe.

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  1. Firstly, the STIG-Viewer app is fantastic; it’s a great time-saver for me.

    Not sure if this is the place to put this, but there are two things that I think could make it even better:

    1-Remember the previous folder used when saving checklists.
    2-Allow for multiple checklists to be open simultaneously.

    These two things would be huge quality-of-life updates. Thanks for the great work!

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