DISA has released updates to the SRG/STIG Library Compilations in .ZIP format to correspond with the latest quarterly SRG/STIG update cycle. This release also includes newly released SRGs and STIGs published since the last quarterly release of the SRG/STIG Library Compilations.

The SRG/STIG_Library.zip is a compilation of DoD Security Requirements Guides (SRGs), DoD Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) ( provided in XCCDF or .pdf format), Checklists, Security Readiness Review (SRR) Tools that are available through the IASE web site’s STIG pages.

Two versions of the compilation are produced, an FOUO version and a NON-FOUO version entitled U_SRG-STIG_Library.zip and FOUO_SRG-STIG_Library.zip. The file name preceded by FOUO_ contains STIGs and related content that has been designated as FOUO. As such a DoD PKI certificate is required to download it. The file name preceded by U_ is the NON-FOUO version which does not contain FOUO. It is therefore downloadable by the general public. These compilations may be used and distributed in the same manner as the individually downloaded documents. The FOUO compilation as a whole and any separated FOUO content must be handled in accordance with customary FOUO handling and dissemination guidelines.

Please see “SRG/STIG Library Compilation READ ME” for additional information to include include download / extraction instructions and a FAQ.

All related files are available on IASE at: http://iase.disa.mil/stigs/compilations/Pages/index.aspx

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Bruce Brown

The author Bruce Brown

I have done a lot of work with Risk Management Framework for DoD IT (formerly DIACAP,DITSCAP). I noticed there was not a lot of information for security engineers on the nuts and bolts of it, so i started writing it down.

security is just a hobby. my real job is to help humanity out of poverty (information & financial poverty).

I am sure we can do it together

maybe rmf will help humanity. ;p
the internet maybe our greatest hope, we should keep it safe.

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