You keep hearing the term DIARMF, but the name of the new DoD 8510.01 document is simple RMF.

DoDI 8510.01 Risk Management Framework (RMF) for DoD Information Technology (IT), March 14, has been released.

So why do people keep calling it DIARMF?  The draft version of DoDI 8510.01 floated around for almost 3 years and it was called DIARMF.  Basically, when officials first started talking about using NIST SP 800-37 Risk Management Framework as the new DIACAP, the name DIARMF stuck.

The official name is RMF.


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Bruce Brown

The author Bruce Brown

I have done a lot of work with Risk Management Framework for DoD IT (formerly DIACAP,DITSCAP). I noticed there was not a lot of information for security engineers on the nuts and bolts of it, so i started writing it down.

security is just a hobby. my real job is to help humanity out of poverty (information & financial poverty).

I am sure we can do it together

maybe rmf will help humanity. ;p
the internet maybe our greatest hope, we should keep it safe.

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